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Mother won't give up on her murdered son's cold case

These cold-blooded murderers may have viciously killed her son and got away scot-free.

But they have not killed a mother’s desire to track them down — or that of Toronto Police as well.

His name was Glenn Irvin Joseph Lowe. He was known as Glenny and was 32.

“Glenny was kind-hearted and very trusting,” said his mom Dale Lowe.

Too trusting.

He liked to please his friends. And his skills were perfect for the criminal activity they were operating.

“He had experience working as a carpenter, electrician, and had completed his plumbing apprenticeship,” she said.

His pals were running a marijuana grow-op on Jane St. and asked for his help. He foolishly agreed.

“He was helping them to have a more efficient irrigation system,” said Dale. “He was trying to find a way to water the plants without anybody having to be there.”

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Miss Universe spreads her message in T.O.

Kindness, friendship and forgiveness.

Those are the three pieces of friendly advice offered to the 2016 contestants for Miss Universe Canada from somebody who knows adversity.

“Be good to yourselves and good to each other and root for each other,” said Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach Sunday night.

“Get to know each other and support each other and be there when adversity comes,” added Wurtzbach, who spoke at the Metro Movement Dance Studio, on Broadview Ave., where contestants were rehearsing for the upcoming pageant in June.

The pride of the Philippines knows of what she speaks.

She was standing on the stage in front of the world on Dec. 20 in Las Vegas when host Steve Harvey announced Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierre had won the title.

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Don Cherry wants to save 21 pit bulls

The idea of killing 21 pit bulls not only has Don Cherry biting mad but barking loudly to try to save these dogs.

“It brings tears to my eyes that dogs, who did nothing wrong, are now in cages facing execution,” said the legendary hockey coach, TV star and dog lover.

Grapes was referring to a story in the Toronto Sun Monday about the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ court application to “destroy 21 dogs that were seized in an alleged dogfighting ring” near Chatham.

Before the next court date on March 10, Cherry hopes there’s an eleventh-hour intervention to stop the cull.

“So they rescue the dogs and now they are actually paying a lawyer money to go to court to murder them?” an irate Cherry said of the OSPCA. “What am I missing here?”

Cherry, who runs Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation which is funded through the sale of his Simply Pets treats, said he not only wants the OSPCA to cease and desist but also allow time for people to find homes for the dogs.

“I will help find good homes for them across the country and put the OSPCA in touch with people who will do that too,” Cherry said.

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Toronto cops ground Air Jordan thefts in Sneaker Sting

What was shaping up as Toronto’s Great Shoe Robbery will go down as Toronto Police’s Incredible Sneaker Sting.

After the NBA All-Star Game earlier this month, the most popular item on the street was none other than Air Jordan Retro basketball sneakers.

“They are a hot item and a status symbol,” Det. Shawn Whittall of 54 Division said. “They were selling on social media sites for hundreds of dollars.”

Hence why a trio of teen boys, two 15-year-olds and a 17-year-old, allegedly ventured onto Facebook looking for people selling the Michael Jordan court shoes that were sold out in stores.

“They were communicating through Facebook with people selling their shoes and setting up a meet,” Whittall said.

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Phony cap-and-trade a waste of our money

The polluters can still pollute as long as they buy more carbon credits.

And if you are a company that does not pollute, you can profit by selling your unused carbon credits through a government-run auction to those who do.

How does this stop industrial carbon dioxide emissions linked to climate change?

We may need David Copperfield to help explain it to the average person, who puts out their stupid green, blue and brown box of waste every week, knowing it’s not making a bit of difference to our environmental footprint

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O’Leary says PM 'reckless' with children's futures

Calling the Liberal deficit budget forecast “reckless” and “irresponsible,” businessman and television celebrity Kevin O’Leary wonders how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sleeps at night when the futures of Canadian children are at stake.

And he’s sure Finance Minster Bill Morneau is not getting much shut-eye, either, after predicting deficits of $18.4 billion in the 2016-17 fiscal year and $15.5 billion in 2017-18 — and that’s without any new spending in next month’s budget.

“I bet he spends half of every night staring at the ceiling asking himself, ‘What the hell did I get myself into?’” said the Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den star of Morneau.

O’Leary predicted that the deficit will be more in the $40-billion range — warning stimulus spending projects typically have large cost overruns.

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