Debate rages over $10.5M Khadr deal

People are really peeved about the blood money payout to Omar Khadr.


In my quarter century at the Toronto Sun, I can’t recall seeing so much anger from all across Canada. It is directed at the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government’s decision to settle with Khadr for $10.5-million and apologize for not properly honouring his Charter Rights while imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay.

Here is a sampling of comments from Sun readers to our coverage of the apology and secret cash payment that keeps money away from Khadr’s grenade victims:

“Canada should take away citizenship for terrorists regardless of their age. If they can throw grenade, they are old enough to punished. I am ashamed to be a Canadian.”

— Gary Baldwinson

“I can’t believe the liberal government is now supporting terrorists. If I were a soldier now, I think I would lay down my weapons and walk away. This is no longer a country worth fighting for.”

— Sharon Robinson

“He had no rights to violate since he was fighting against Canada...It is disgusting that the Supreme Court believes that this murderer has rights beyond that of a soldier who he killed. They should never have saved him. I am absolutely disgusted and embarrassed.”

— Chris Alton

“I was in the U.S. Military during 1971 in Vietnam and many of the enemy in that conflict were teenagers. The end result is you are just as dead being shot by a teenager as you are by a 25-year-old.”

— Frank Stevens

“Canadians should be fully outraged by this sneaky the degree that this should be a government toppling issue.”

— Joe Martin

“What Justin Trudeau is actually saying in effect to the terrorists is you can go out and kill Americans, and Canada will reward you.”

— Angie Glade

“Our military (personnel) are putting their lives on the line every day for our country, earning their stripes and medals and they don’t receive a monetary reward from the government.”

— Linda Harnden

“I know we can’t dictate how he spends this new found wealth, but does anybody with common sense not believe some or most of it will be sent offshore? Every taxpayer should be outraged.”

— Wayne Smith

“Shame on Trudeau...Make him and his unethical ministers repay every cent to Canadian taxpayers.”

— Sam Fraser

“Canada the country of fools, gives apologies and money to terrorists! Canadian government is a joke.”

— Blair Verbin

“Where is the compensation for the widow and family of the deceased American? Where is the compensation for the injured soldier missing an eye? I can’t wait until voting day.”

— Joe Hovorka

“I am a proud Canadian. Charge Justin Trudeau with war crimes.”

— Stuart McConnach

“Mrs. Speers and her children will have an even harder time, if at all now, trying to retrieve any of the U.S. compensation she has been awarded. The $10.5 (million) should be hers and he should be without.”

— Robert Atkins.

“Trudeau gives our enemy hugs and kisses while he digs into the bank account of all Canadians and pulls out a 10.5 million dollar wad of cash and gives it to him.”

— Joseph Mikelait

“This terrorist who Trudeau rewarded with a $10 million prize needs to be charged with treason. Trudeau is aiding terrorist activities.”

— Brian McHugh

“Get real...Omar was a prisoner of war, and a child soldier to boot. We didn’t treat German Nazi prisoners that badly.”

— Ian Bender

“It’s interesting how such a big deal can be made of this person killing a soldier in war and being a child soldier at that. When the U.S. has illegally invaded so many Muslim countries killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians without one single comeuppance.”

— Sherry Smith

“At this point all we can hope is that Trudeau has destroyed his chances of ever winning another election.”

— Robert Cove

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