Fans make up for Drake's absence at Raptors game

T - This was a good kind of 666 night.


The Raptors sixth man came to play and they all are hoping there will be no need to come back to The 6ix after travelling down to Milwaukee for Game 6.

Great crowd and the players the floor sure game them lots to cheer about in the big 118-93 Game 5 win at The Hangar against the Bucks.

The place was so electric all night there is no need for Kathleen Wynne’s hydro bill assistance.

That was one of the Raptors best ever NBA playoff efforts.

“Outstanding,” said Thomas Ragheb. “I really think they are going to win it on the road there will be no need to come back for Game 7.”

A lot of people have their fingers crossed. The Raptors seemed to have found their playoff legs. They put on a show.

No sign of Raptors Global Ambassador Drake at this great game but other fans made up for it with enthusiasm the whole night.

Lots of great stories on the court and just as many in the stands off it.

Chelsea Hall is one of them. The 23-year-old was out for his first outing after a February car crash in which her friend was killed — and she was badly hurt and broke her pelvis in three places and suffered serious organ wounds.

She still can’t walk but it didn’t stop her from cheering.

When MLSE heard about her plight, they moved her and her dad John down from the 300 level to Section 116 where she not only had a great view of the court but could stay seated in her wheelchair.

All class and smart customer service by a MLSE staffer named Rachel. Turns out there was an ambassador in the house after all.For all she’s been through Chelsea said she will never forget this experience and hospitality.

“It was a very special night,” said the mother of a seven month of daughter Ellisa.

The fans did their part. Out in Jurrasic Park Ragheb and pals Robbie Abe, Andre Davidson and Terrence Rooman kept the cheering up for all four quarters.

One of these days they should give fans like this Drake’s court side seats. Actually something like that kind of happened last night. You will like this story.

Sabaah Choudhary and pal Faria Saeedi watch all the games in Jurrasic Park. But not last night.

“We went into Real Sports for a pre-game meal when we were told something we didn’t expect,” said Faria. “They said, you just won two tickets for them game.”

They couldn’t believe it. But it got better.

“We thought they tickets were going to be at the top of the arena and that would have been great,” said Choudhary.

But when they were led to the prize winning ducats “we just abut fell over,” said Saeedi.

They were court side -- next to the Bucks bench and a stone’s throw from Super Fan Nav Bhatia’s famous spot.

The real fans of the Raptors were out in full force in this terrific game.

It was so much fun down there on this Monday night, it would be great if we could do it all over again Saturday for Game 7.

Just kidding. Six is the magic number for the Raptors right now.

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