Ford focused and farewell to Sun scribe

The knives are out for Doug Ford already and he hasn’t even confirmed his intentions.


Many were not only scoffing at his chances of a political comeback, that he has said he will make clear on Sept. 8th at the next Ford Fest, but scoffing at him as a person as well.

The former Ward 2 councillor and mayoral candidate has got them right where he wants them.

They’re talking about him, writing about him, tweeting about and blogging about him.

While most of it seemed nasty, it was a brilliant play on Doug’s part.

“I knew the usual suspects would take their shots,” he said.

But what he wasn’t sure about was the reaction he would receive on the street.

“It’s been incredible,” he said. “Everywhere I go, people are encouraging me to run for office.”

It’s like they are not paying attention to the media pundits who like it the way it is where the spending is free but the bill to the taxpayer is not.

“I am going to fix that.” said Ford.

But where?

Queen’s Park or City Hall?

“You will have to wait until next Friday,” said Ford. “I have had so many calls about Ford Fest. It’s going to be packed.”

Whatever it is, it sure has the political world jumping. So concerned about it, some media are quoting sources saying the Progressive Conservatives don’t want him to run and others saying running against incumbent Mayor John Tory is a waste of time.

Fake news, he says.

“Patrick Brown is going to be the next premier and has told me he’d love for me to be part of his team,” said Doug.

As for Tory, he noted that in just a little more than a month of campaigning he received 331,000 votes compared to the mayor’s 395,000.

“It was a close race,” said Ford. “Many tell me they’d like to see the rematch.”

One with the benefits of a full Doug Ford campaign and not a hybrid of he and his late brother, former Mayor Rob Ford.

Most people feel going for Tory’s job is the most logical for Ford since there are areas to challenge Tory on that fall into the Ford Nation wheelhouse.

We’ll know in a week. Either way Tory or Wynne best not underestimate a Doug Ford candidacy because with taxes being higher than ever, services being cut, hydro rates sky high, traffic being unmanageable and a period of time so politically correct people are afraid to say hello to each other, is a time ripe for a Ford protest vote.

That’s why there were so many daggers visible.


Since we may take another drive in a Ford, why can’t it also be Miller time?

Lots of political rumblings about the Liberals trying to woo former Mayor David Miller back into politics — not for city hall but for the province.

“Like Doug Ford could be for the Tories, Miller could be a good leadership candidate should (Premier Kathleen) Wynne not win,” said an insider.

Miller has not commented.

“It would not surprise me to see him run as a Liberal,” said Doug Ford. “I wish him well.”

Hopefully they both get back into it so politics is not as boring as it is right now.


So nice to have Pastor Hyeon Soo Lim of the Light Korean Presbyterian Church in Mississauga back home from North Korea and it was wonderful to see him in person this week when I was invited to a special dinner to celebrate his homecoming. The food there was made by the ladies of the church and it was classic Korean fare that was so amazingly good.

Lots of interesting people there from the gang at 100 Huntley Street to politicians like Liberal Omar Alghabra and Conservative Peter Kent.

I teased Pastor Lim that I bet the food wasn’t this good in the Pyongyang labour camp to which he nodded I was right.

I wondered after two-and- a-half-years of rice and soy beans what it was he craved most to eat and what was the first thing he had when he was rescued?

He smiled, saying as a Korean Canadian it’s an easy answer.

“Kimchi,” he said. “It may be Korean but the North doesn’t have that.”

At least the prison didn’t.


Special goodbye to my colleague Shawn “Bernstein” Jeffords who worked his final shift with The Sun Friday and starts his new job as the Queen’s Park Bureau Chief for The Canadian Press.

We are really going to miss him, although I guess he’s not going too far away. The professional’s professional he came to us from Sarnia with a National Newspaper Award in hand and the honour of being Ontario’s Journalist of the Year and tonnes of ability and experience to share with us. And he did.

He’s a great journalist and an even better guy. My honour to have worked with him.

Last weekend of summer everybody. Enjoy. Scrawler out.

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