Hand gun, knife used in Toronto road-rage incident?

The tweet from Toronto Police surely stunned a lot of people.


“Person With A Gun: Midland Av.+Eglinton Av: Possible road rage, Man brandished a black handgun, passenger had a knife.”

It certainly grabbed my attention. Turns out, there was a incident between two drivers on the road that ended up getting rather heated.

“The caller to police said the driver got out and brandished a hand gun and the passenger got out the car wielding a knife,” said Toronto Police Const. David Hopkinson.

Frightening not just for police, but for people nearby who may or may not even be aware of the incident.

According to Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook, a “female caller reported that she was travelling southbound on Midland Ave at Eglinton Ave E. (when) a male driver of another vehicle reportedly threw something at her vehicle. He then reached under his seat and showed the complainant a black hand gun, a female passenger in same vehicle showed her a knife.”

It’s ugly. And not just road rage, but a gun call.

People need to slow down and calm down out there. Many drive too fast and are too upset over errors by others on the road.

It brings me back to a shocking road-rage case the Sun’s Chris Doucette and City TV’s Ginella Massa covered this winter on two guys screaming at a mother and three daughters on Hwy. 427 because they were only travelling 100 km/h.

Road rage is a game that can easily turn deadly.

We are seeing more and more of it in the GTA. This incident was wild west. Instead of working through problems by calmly talking them out, it seems tempers are flaring more than usual.

And now it’s come to this. Not just road rage. Armed road rage. This had the potential of becoming similar to an incident I read about recently in California where words over turning a corner resulted in a father being shot to death in the same car carrying his wife and two small kids.

It’s bloody nuts.

This was not in California. It was in Scarborough.

Officers from 41 Division were quick to respond to the scene at Midland and Eglinton but both drivers had already left. Police contacted the original 911 caller and asked for help, but the female caller opted out and would not co-operate with police.

“Officers responded but were not able to locate the female caller or the suspects,” Douglas-Cook said.

Perhaps the payback risk was not worth it? Perhaps the tale was exaggerated? Perhaps the caller just had to get on with the day.

That said, police say if someone witnessed this or has an image of it or video, they would be interested in seeing it.

“You always worry about a potential gun on the street,” said Hopkinson.

And, specifically, a gun in the hands of a person who would allegedly threaten with it over a traffic argument.

It began as a potential gun call. It ended up being perhaps another dodged bullet.

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