Have you seen Jesus Kong?

Where’s Jesus?


Anybody seen him in the Toronto area?

The FBI, which suspected him of threatening to bomb a school full of children, don’t seem to know. Neither does the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Orlando, Fla.

If the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) knows anything about this, or if he somehow snuck into Canada, they are not making it clear.

Not exactly comforting when you look at the resume of this 23-year-old who talks of harming people and of his dislike of homosexuals.

The FBI says Jesus Kong — aka Jessie Eloah Calix — “has made several threats via social media to various schools within Orange County, including Boone HS, Edgewater HS, Colonial HS and Liberty MS.

"He has a history of law enforcement encounters. He is transient, but appears able to move between California, Virginia, Maryland and Florida with relative ease. His most recent arrest in June 2016 was in Maryland for trespassing. He is no longer in custody for this incident."

And now Canada?

Some media reports say he was arrested at the Canadian border and detained. Others say he slipped through into Canada.

No authority has confirmed or denied if either happened. The RCMP has not commented or issued a Canada-wide warrant for this man.

However, one of the reporters who broke this story, David Harris of the Orlando Sentinel, has sources who say this frightening character was not detained at the Canadian border where authorities “just let him go.”

U.S. law enforcement has also not returned calls. But Harris tells me “agents from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Intelligence Unit report that Jesus Kong was detained, questioned at the border and then released. He was ultimately allowed to enter Canada.”

What border? Where in Canada is this dangerous person?

“They aren’t telling us where he entered the country at, which is weird,” said Harris. “Our best guess is Detroit or Buffalo, but who knows?”

Either way, is this alledgedly violent, potential terrorist on the loose in Canada?

Seems like a valid question for the CBSA.

“It is not a practice of the CBSA to confirm/deny the entry of any individual to Canada,” says agency spokesman Nicholas Dorion.

Really? Is it none of our business if a person who wants to shoot up a school with 2,000 kids is in Canada?

You decide.

Here are his social media postings:

- “I encourage any mf being bullied there too shoot up the school on August 18 (sic)”

- “I am going too put a mf pipe bomb in liberty middle school. (sic)”

- “I would live too shoot a few students at colonial high school on August 18 (sic)”

- “I want to shoot a few kinds at Liberty middle school I dislike homosexuals I am sooo scared do not tell the police (sic)”

- “Yeah and do not forget too them I would put a mf pipe bomb in Boone high school (sic).”


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