Man charged in jail guard beating

If his nasty face looked familiar to you on the front of the Toronto Sun, it was for a reason.


Some correctional officers at the Toronto South Detention Centre certainly recognized it. After what happened to one of their peers how could they ever forget it?

Chibuike Nwagwu was the guy on the left of Tuesday’s Toronto Sun front page about three men being charged with human trafficking by Toronto Police in one day.

As written exclusively for the Sun by Liz Braun and Jenny Yuen, Nwagwu, 31, Justin Ferguson, 25, and Jocelyn Martinez, 18, were all rounded up and charged with human trafficking-related offences.

It was not the first for Nwagwu. Nor were these his first alleged victims.

In fact, as written in my Dec. 5 column, he allegedly was at the centre of a what was a vicious ambush and assault on two of our fine correctional officers. One of the officers was beaten so badly his pals told me they did not recognize him.

The female officer who tried to come in to stop the beating was also seriously hurt and suffered a broken wrist.

“This was a planned attack (allegedly) by an inmate who didn’t participate in assault,” said an officer. “Two inmates (allegedly) ambushed the first officer. Held him and viciously assaulted him. It was two inmates on one officer.”

What a dangerous job those officers have. Imagine the courage it must take to go to work every day.

Inmate Justin Cyopeck was charged with two counts of assault peace officer, one count of conspiracy, one count of overcome resistance by choking. Kurtis Sutherland-Cada is charged with two counts of assault peace officer,

So how does Nwagwu come into it?

Well, police say, he was the mastermind behind the despicable attack.

When the blood was being mopped up on this incident Toronto Police charged inmate Nwagwu with two counts of conspiracy to commit an assault.

“We allege this man is the one who planned the whole thing and allegedly had the other two accused carry it out,” said a Toronto Police Source. “He’s a bad dude. He’s a extremely violent criminal.”

In September, police were having a very hard time finding him. The Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement (ROPE) Squad put out a Canada-wide warrant for what they described as a breach of parole for the federal offender.

“He is serving a seven-year-and nine-month sentence for possession of firearm, careless use of a firearm, assault peace officer and carry a concealed weapon,” Toronto Police say.

None of the charges or allegations against Nwagwu have been proven in court.

He’ll be facing trial for trafficking females for the sex trade, allegedly assaulting one of them and for his alleged involvement behind the ugly incident at the TSDC in which two officers are still off work.

I just knew that I recognized that face from somewhere.

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