Movie inspired by Rob Ford crack video

Rob Ford probably would have laughed his head off. But not everybody is laughing.


The movie poster for the movie, Filth City, shows a Rob Ford look-a-like, named Mayor Hogg, smoking a pipe under a banner which says: “The crime rate is high, so is the mayor.”

Inspired by the former mayor’s crack scandal, it’s a new Canadian-produced movie, which will premier March 25 at the Scotiabank Theatre. The movie trailer boasts it was “inspired by true” events and has a classic line: “There’s a video of the mayor smoking crack.”

It’s an exaggerated story line with guns and shootings but the part about a crack video on a cellphone certainly is not make believe.

His widow doubts Ford, who died of cancer, would have cared.

“I don’t think so,” said Renata Ford Tuesday night after a trailer of Filth City appeared. “There were so many videos out there that were not good that I doubt this one would make a difference.”

What could ever top the “crack smoking” video? But she was not surprised at the outrage expressed by Rob’s brother, former city councillor Doug Ford.

“He is always so protective of Rob. That’s Doug.”

Doug Ford told the Toronto Sun the movie was made by “scumbags” who are “taking advantage of someone who was ill for profit” and “who misrepresented who Rob was and what did happen.”

(WARNING: Language advisory)

Councillor Michael Ford, who followed in both Rob and Doug’s footsteps in Ward 2, called the movie “sickening.”

Doug’s point was while Rob had personal demons, he also did overcome them and “I am very proud of him.”

He encouraged people to not support the movie.

While Renata appreciates Doug’s reaction, she won’t get upset over the trivial. “It has been very hard,” she said of dealing with her husband’s March 2016 death.

Still, she’ll make sure her kids, Stephanie and Dougie, don’t see the movie.

Even if they see it, Renata added, “it will not influence their love for their father.”

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