Pastor Lim may hold press conference at church

No more North Korean labour camp for Canadian pastor Hyeon Soo Lim.


The Sun has learned he’s expected back home in Canada any minute to restart his life.

The 62-year-old pastor is scheduled to arrive this morning on a Government of Canada Challenger jet.

And after reuniting with family and friends, his first order of business may to be go to his beloved Mississauga Light Korean Presbyterian Church.

He is expected to be in attendance for Sunday service.

But after a nap in his own bed for the first time since being detained in North Korea two-and-a-half years ago, he’s also believed to planning to attend a media news conference at 2 p.m. Saturday at the 3,000 member church near Airport and Derry Rds.

The plan is for him to get off the plane and if he’s got the energy and is able to head over, to be at the news conference.

“His family will be there as well,” said a church member. “We are so happy he’s back and looking forward to seeing him again.”

For a long time there, it looked like this day may never happen. During a humanitarian trip to North Korea in 2015, Lim was arrested and eventually sentenced to a life of hard labour for what the regime said was an attempt to overthrow them.

But the Christian pastor had a 30-year history of feeding people and doing Christian ministry to help people there and in other countries in need.

At this news conference, he and his family are expected take the opportunity to thank the congregation and the country for their prayers – specifically Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his work in securing his release.

With a Canadian delegation, he left Pyongyang on Thursday and was taken to Japan, where he was assessed by doctors and said to be in reasonable health.

He was released by the North Korean’s on what they called “sick bail.”

There was much concern of the pastor’s condition in light of what happened in American Otto Warmbier, who died just five days after his release in which he was in a coma.

But Lim’s spirits appear to be good and he’s hoping to spend the weeks and months ahead recovering.

When he lands today and heads to the church he built, not only will he see a “Welcome home, Rev. Lim” sign, but also he’ll see his parking lot, complete with his name, is vacant, open and ready for his return.

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