Pursuit a waste of police resources

TORONTO - What a waste of Toronto’s time, money and resources.


After years of a dog and pony show designed to politically take down a mayor, the man they used as a pawn to do it has had his charges stayed.

Sandro Lisi’s legal battle is over as the extortion charges against him stemming from a desire to retrieve then mayor Rob Ford’s cellphone were dropped.

But the damage is done.

And all the players behind the egregious misuse of police resources have moved on.

And Rob Ford is dead.

All that said, there are some questions that remain unanswered and should be answered.

How is it that Toronto Police were used in such a way to follow around a sitting mayor and his associates?

With aircraft used and the best homicide detectives deployed, how much money was spent by Toronto Police following him in an investigation that led to no charges and no convictions against anybody?

Was the releasing of the information to obtain search warrants a way to embarrass and weaken the former mayor?

Was there an abuse of police power here?

Of course, there won't be anyone in authority who will look at these questions -- despite the fact that all of what transpired in the probing was just as serious as the activities that a sitting mayor were allegedly involved in.

In the end, there was nothing achieved -- but the destruction of an elected mayor with personal demons and strong enemies.

Like I said. Damage done.

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