Robbing banks not this guy's forte

This is one bank robber who won’t be bragging about the size of his score!


Or going on an expensive shopping spree.

In fact, this transaction saw the bank end up with more money in the exchange that than the guy with the gun.

Toronto’s 15th bank robbery of 2017 happened Wednesday at a Scotia Bank on The Danforth where the suspect left with the same amount of cash in his pocket as he had when he went in.

There was no need to count the dollars. There weren't any.

“He entered the bank wearing a toque and gloves and trying to disguise his face and showing the teller a silver handgun he had tucked away under his newspaper and was demanding cash,” said Toronto Police Insp. Mike Earl.

But this whole scene looked familiar to the staff there. They had seen this movie before.

“At about the same time on Jan. 23, this same guy with the same MO came in with the same gun under the newspaper asking for cash,” said Earl.

He got very little the first time and was back clearly hoping for a bigger withdrawal.

But everybody knows when it comes to money the bank always wins.

Said Earl: “A large bank employee came over toward him just as he was in the middle of it and he got spooked and took off.”

Empty handed.

On the more serious side of it, though, they do want to catch him before he tries for the third time.

He is described as white, in his 30s and between 5-foot-5 and 5-foot-8.

“This is so dangerous because he’s not only threatening having a gun but showing it,” said Earl. “We need to catch him before somebody gets hurt or killed. We just need that one call.”

Needless to say he wouldn’t have made the Boyd gang which was behind at least eight large bank heists for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Nor would he likely be one to swap stories with Toronto’s notorious Vaulter Bandit who pulled off almost two dozen bank jobs in Canada, the United States and Europe.

I have dubbed this guy the Zero Withdrawal Bandit. His ineptness does not take into account the fright he’s putting into bank staff and the public as they await his third visit.

Perhaps he should quit while he’s ahead. Clearly, robbing banks is not this bandit’s calling.

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