Scumbag sexually assaults 8-year-old girl

Save time. Turn yourself in scumbag.


Whoever sexually assaulted an eight-year-old girl at a summer day camp in Chinatown should know this reality: Your image is not just on one security camera but potentially hundreds.

Not just ones from the dozens of businesses in the Dundas St. W. area but also city traffic cameras, as well.

“Detectives are out canvassing the area for video,” said Toronto Police Const. Jenifferjit Sidhu.

Sleep well.

Police will not sleep until they get their guy. Stay tuned.

As originally covered by the Toronto Sun’s Jenny Yuen, the disturbing incident occurred Tuesday morning when a man — described by police as white, 30-50 years old, 6-foot with black hair and a beard — entered a street-level summer camp and committed a heinous crime.

He was seen wearing black sunglasses, a light-coloured shirt, dark shorts and red sneakers.

He entered the unlocked door and police say “struck up a conversation” with the girl before taking her into the basement and sexually assaulting her.

He then left out the front door.

“We did not know about it until the she went home and told her parents,” said camp counsellor Christina Lee.

Once they heard about it, they called police.

“The counsellor went into another room to make a photocopy when this happened,” said Lee. “He came and took her to the back.”

It appears the attack was not random and, in fact, planned.

“He had called here before saying he was a parent who had a child who might want to go to camp,” said Lee. “And one time he came in here asking if he could charge up his cellphone.”

In that previous visit several weeks ago, she said, the man “also said he had a child and was asking about the camp.”

Despite the shock, the arts and crafts camp remained open Thursday — one woman saying while it upset her, she was going to continue to keep her kids enrolled in the operation that has less than 10 campers.

My feeling is until this predator is caught, and until the security of this facility for kids is upgraded, it would be wise to suspend this business. Owner Stephanie Yu would not comment.

Meanwhile, police are searching for the assailant.

“It’s very concerning and detectives are working very hard on this,” said Sidhu. “This is an extremely important investigation because it’s protecting our most vulnerable.”

The hunt is on for you pervert. The sexual assault squad is coming for you. It’s only a matter of when.

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