Snapshot of Trudeau and Obama photobombed by mystery man

It wasn’t a rough week for this president and that prime minister.


President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May have had better times but there was no stress for President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

While Trump and Comey battled and May was losing her majority, the pictures at Montreal’s Liverpool House of the former U.S. President and sitting Canadian prime minister looked like two guys without a care in the world.

Great seafood, conversation and friendship.

But it’s not my favourite picture of the night. That would be of Chef/owner David Hayfield McMillan and daughter Dylan with Obama and Trudeau. But look closely. There’s also a mystery person in the shot just behind the president.

Kind of like a fifth Beatle.

So who is that?

Well he’s not secret service but he is a secret? Believed to be a staffer, no one is talking.

“Crop it out,” says McMillan, saying the guy “doesn’t want his name in the paper.”

He can crop it out when he puts it up on his wall but not a chance I am of one the greatest photo bombs ever.

Whoever that is, you are in a historical frame of a president and prime minister on a good night.


Of all the crazy things I heard out of the James Comey testimony was that he dumped a Valentine’s Day date with his wife to have dinner with Trump where when he got out, he didn’t run to the flower shop but instead took notes. Turns out he might be in more than one dog house.


War on the streetcar? Or just smart? The motion Councillor’s Michael Ford and Stephen Holyday put forward to delay the return of streetcars for two weeks upon the completion of track repairs on Queen St. to gain traffic data is brilliant.

If the bike lane people can effectively kick cars off King St. for a year to study how it helps streetcar flow, why can’t rockets be taken off Queen to see how traffic looks with cars and buses?

Think of the cost savings of not having to buy billions worth of trains and digging up the rails every few years.


A pretty rough week for the morale of the Toronto Police with all the revelations out of a horrific rape trial of three officers alleged to have assaulted a female parking officer and two officers caught on their own dash cam inappropriately joking about a woman with Down syndrome.

But the cops did a lot of good work this week too.

One of those things was the Law Enforcement Torch Run, which went out of headquarters June 8. Michael “Senator” Peake dropped over to get some pics of the 300 participants who raised $20,000 for Special Olympics Ontario.

On hand were Toronto Police Services Board Chair Andy Pringle, Deputy Chief Mike Federico, Special Olympics Ontario Director Chris Lewis and President and CEO Glenn MacDonell.

“I am proud of the Service members who have put so much time, energy, passion and commitment to making today such a great success,” said Pringle.

Added Federico to the Special Olympics athletes: “You are an inspiration and example of community service and in your own way, you help keep our community safe by being part of a cause that helps so many more than just our local constituents.”

The run was started in 1987 by Chief Jack Marks and Const. Lorne White.

You gotta criticize when appropriate but also give credit when it’s due.


To end, I wonder if over dinner at the Liverpool Obama and Trudeau were comparing island vacation spots.

In Trudeau’s case it’s Bell Island in the Bahamas, owned by the Aga Khan. In Obama’s case it was Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands as he settled into retirement.

If Mayor John Tory invited them to our island, they’d need life jackets.

Have a great June weekend everybody. Scrawler out!

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