Still no justice for Baby Kyrie and his mom

There was no moment of silence or candlelight vigil to mark the sad occasion.


Monday passed without any acknowledgment that it was the one-year anniversary of the death of Baby Kyrie.

“You forgot?” said the boy’s father over the phone.

Accidentally, yes.

But never the case itself.

Kyrie’s mom, Candice Rochelle Bobb, was five months pregnant when a gunman murdered her on May 15, 2016, spraying the car she sat in with bullets at the corner of John Garland Blvd. and Jamestown Cres. in northern Etobicoke.

Medical personnel performed an emergency C-section to remove the tiny baby who was still living even though his mother was not.

At first, he was a miracle baby.

It was not to be. For 21 days, Baby Kyrie fought hard with lots of help from the doctors and nurses at Sick Kids — and love from his grandmother, sister and father. But he died on June 5, 2016, becoming the second murder victim from that unsolved crime.

The baby’s father — Candice Rochelle’s boyfriend, who was in the vehicle at the time of the shooting — was very emotional late Monday. He phoned me to make note that while I was quick to run the picture of his baby from the hospital, I did not run a column to indicate Kyrie had been gone a year.

“Nobody covered it anywhere,” he said.

He was right and I apologized to him for that. It was an oversight.

One guy who did not forget is Det.-Sgt. Mike Carbone of the Toronto Police homicide squad.

“We are working very hard on this case,” he told me Tuesday.

Every day he and his team think of those victims; each day they hope a tip will help lead them to a suspect and an arrest.

There is a reward of up to $50,000 for information.

“I am appealing to anyone who may have information to give us a call,” said Carbone. “I am inviting them to call us directly at the homicide department or go through Crime Stoppers or Facebook or to a (Toronto Police) division.”

Every tip and lead is vital.

“You might have seen something or know something that you may think police already know, but we may not,” he said. “We are confident that someone in the public knows something that will assist us in this very sad case.”

My feeling from the beginning was Kyrie should be considered a murder victim. Despite some disagreement, detectives worked closely with the Crown and made the determination that Kyrie would be added to 2016’s list of murder victims — homicide No. 74.

It was the appropriate decision.

It means whoever pulled that trigger will face two murder charges when they are finally caught.

In the meantime, my heart goes to the Kyrie’s dad, who was clearly hurting badly Monday when he called me struggling with emotion. His pain was evident from the other end of the phone.

We may have not have marked the date of Kyrie’s death, but I pledge nobody in these parts will forget Baby Kyrie, his mom and those who loved them both.

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