'Superman' cop pushes car out of intersection

The officer kept pushing and pushing and pushing.


There will be no denying it. It was all caught on video.

Yes, that was a police officer manhandling a disabled car in the middle of an intersection through moving traffic and getting a stranded woman to safety.

This video is already a classic on social media and out in Peel Regional Police’s 12 Division.

“The guy is a super hero,” teased Staff Sgt. Greg Amoroso. “Maybe Denzel Washington will have to play him in the movie.”

Who the heck was that mystery cop?

They certainly knew who he was in at the division at Dixie and Eglinton. And man did they tease Const. Brian Mortotsi when he arrived for parade Wednesday. First there was applause and then came the jokes.

“Here comes Superman,” teased his fellow officers. “The only thing missing is his cape.”

It was some pretty special police work. But for Mortotsi — an officer for almost three years and the proud son of a “wonderful” mother and father who came here from Ghana before he was born — it was just one of dozens of calls he responded to Tuesday.

“The call was a driver was stranded in the intersection at Cawthra Rd. and Eastgate Parkway and when I got there I could see it was stuck in a very tough spot,” said Mortotsi.

In fact at first there were so many cars flying by he couldn’t get his police cruiser out there to help. He did manage to get out into the middle of the intersection and shield the car from one side and after throwing on the police lights jumped out to help the driver.

“She was distraught,” he said.

The car was out of gas and with a terrified driver and trucks flying by almost clipping him, Mortotsi was running out of options.

“I knew I had to get her out of there,” he said. “I looked at the car and I thought the only thing I can do is push it.”

Even he laughed as he recalled the moment.

“It was heavy no question,” said Mortotsi with a chuckle.

That Ford car was no match for the Peel copper. It brings a brand new meaning to strength in policing. If he looked like a football player, there is a reason.

“I play receiver in flag football,” said the married father of a toddler. “But when I played back in high school for Clarkson I was a running back.”

He looked like an offensive guard in this video who picked up a fumble and scored a touchdown. The only thing he didn’t do was spike the car.

A neat part of the story is his police work was not yet done. He found out the woman behind the wheel had a licence under medical suspension.

“She was a nice person and just grateful that she got out of there,” said Mortotsi. “The important thing is she is safe.”

He had no idea any of it was caught on a dash cam of a car at the light.

“I got a call from my sergeant saying I was in a video all over YouTube.”

The first thing he thought was “uh oh, I didn’t have my hat on.”

“I think we will let that slide,” teased Amoroso.

“Mortotsi, Mortotsi, Mortotsi,” his good hearted pals chanted as they enjoyed the moment.

But they did want to put the new super cop to a special divisional test to make sure it wasn’t just a fluke. So a bunch of them piled on a cruiser and put it in neutral to see if Const. Mortotsi is as strong as the video shows.

Poor Brian was a good sport and got behind the car and gave it a shot. Piece of cake. He moved it and there is more video evidence.

“I couldn’t do that now, ten years ago or even 30 years ago,” said an impressed Acting Staff Supt. Rob Ryan, who heads the division. “Long before this, Mortotsi impressed his supervisors and peers. He’s an outstanding officer.”

And they don’t even have to put gas in his cruiser anymore since he can just push it himself.

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