Support pours in for ailing Scarborough couple facing eviction over cats

The cats, spending some of their nine lives by the day, appeared to get another life Tuesday.


And so did their embattled owners — for one more day, at least.

Peter Wilson, 70, and his wife, Nancy, 69, face eviction from their Scarborough apartment over their hoard of more than 30 cats.

“We are going to court (Wednesday) to try to get a stay to the eviction order,” said Peter. “We just hope the sheriff doesn’t come and evict us and our cats and our dog while we are in court and before we get the ruling.”

So far no one from the landlord side of this story has commented. They have a side of this story, too, no doubt.

But right now the focus is on trying to solve the problem for Peter and Nancy, who are both in ill health and looking after their large colony of felines in a Morningside Ave. apartment. They were to be evicted Tuesday because health and odour concerns.

Councillor Paul Ainslie is looking for a middle-ground solution that could slow this down — housing for the animals and assistance for the ailing Wilsons.

Many people were offering help Tuesday.

Peter, a military police officer from 1978-92, was on the phone with Veterans Affairs and agencies within the provincial government on Tuesday and felt he was being heard. One agency paid for his court application.

Others are offering to take individual cats from their massive litter.

“We appreciate everybody stepping up for us,” he said. “We do now see a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not an oncoming train.”

But they did jump early Tuesday with a knock at the door.

“There were two men outside in dark clothing and we thought “this is it.”

Turns out, it was Toronto Police just checking in on them to make sure they were OK and to make an offer.

“(A constable from) 43 Division told me if we ended up being evicted, he and his fellow officers would come over and gather up all of my military memorabilia and keep it at the station so I didn’t worry about it ending up in the dumpster.”


The next step is to try to avoid the eviction from happening. Now, some animal control people are also reaching out to try to save as many of these cats as possible.

If this happens, perhaps there is a way the Wilsons can stay in their home.

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