Taxpayers worse off with Rob Ford gone

Who’s going to watch the little guy’s money now?

No one on this city council. No one in power at Queen’s Park or in Ottawa either.

All that remains in government at any level is wild spending and many wasteful politicians whose only skill seems to be finding new ways to tax people.

Not the late, great former Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

His flaws were well-documented, but they didn’t include wasting taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars.

Yet he was targeted and hunted.

Ford was viciously smeared, attacked and badgered by political opponents, who not only didn’t like him because he was heavy and wasn’t a fancy talker, but because he liked beer, banter, his buddies and didn’t succumb to their politically correct bullying.

He didn’t dance to their tune, didn’t do or say what they wanted, nor did he see the public’s money as a personal trough to slop into his coffers and those of his friends.

The snooty bullies on the left also loathed that he was a rock star who could attract crowds of thousands and take pictures with thousands more.

They tried to get him kicked out of office for raising $3,150 for youth football using city letterhead while other politicians’ obvious conflict issues are glossed over.

Crack cocaine, alcohol, one too many binges and foul words are nothing compared to any of the expensive failures of all sorts of leaders of his generation.

His were personal demons — addictions that had the brightest of spotlights pointed at them because of the personal and political agendas of those who wanted Ford out of power as quickly as possible.

Ironically, much of their effort was funded with taxpayers’ dollars, including the resources of your police department, which had its top homicide guy focused on the city’s own mayor.

Nothing was off limits when it came to hounding Ford — his personal life, rehab and even medical records were all ripped apart and put under a microscope.

I will have more to say in the days ahead. For now, I will say the organized campaign to bring down Rob Ford was a disgusting witch hunt. The safe injection site supporters with so much compassion for people battling drug problems showed him none. In fact, they tried to turn his problems into anchors to drag him down.

Many media outlets lowered their standards and set a value on gotcha pictures and videos by paying in the tens of thousands for them, which in essence set a bounty. Much of the coverage on the Ford story was chequebook and crusade journalism disguised as investigative reporting.

Some politicians even went against the will of the people and democracy itself to try to bring him down.

Now they’ll all line up to pay tribute to him.

Ford is dead and I fear now that his respect-for-taxpayers mantra will also be lost — something that those who sought to bury him alive will surely welcome.

Who will stand up and say no to fleecing the taxpayer in the future?

Congratulations. You won. Thanks to cancer, you beat him.

Robert Bruce Ford is gone, so there’s no one left to protect the public purse.

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