Toronto's disgusting murder tally keeps rising

TORONTO - Nothing shocks us anymore.


We have had a pregnant mother shot to death — in a case where her prematurely born baby eventually died — so why not a grandmother?

What do Toronto’s gangsters care?

They don’t.

They kill at will and we have no answer for it. While none of the murders are acceptable, this is despicable.

Peggy Ann Smith, 61, was gunned down at her Munro St. townhouse complex Saturday.

Nobody is safe. Nobody.

It was Toronto’s 48th slaying of 2016, meaning there have been 13 more murders at this time in the city than last year.

Where does it stop?

It didn’t stop after Ariela Navarro Fenoy’s slaying at the Drake OVO Fest after party last summer or even after Jane Creba in 2005.

With Smith, we are now at 27 murdered in 2016 by guns.

There have been 272 shooting incidents so far this year in Toronto — a jump of more than 46% over last year, when there were 186 at this time.

The sick part is that the brazen disregard for life doesn’t even stand out in the headlines unless the victim is a child, a mother or a grandmother.

Count this woman as another victim of Toronto’s Summer of Death.

Toronto Police Det-Sgt. Hank Idsinga told reporters Smith was likely not targeted, which is hardly a saving grace. It’s not a rap song and there is nothing cool about it.

A piece of Toronto also died with this woman — just like all of the other pieces that have died in the murderous scourge. The names of good people on the receiving end of a bullet are too many to list.

Everybody and anybody is a target. Gangsters have no fear. Police have about 15 unsolved homicides in 2016, with about 20 others dating to 2015.

It’s not that they don’t always know who did it but more that they lack evidence or people prepared to testify. The “no-snitch” mantra of the street has proven more effective than the programs encouraging people to co-operate.

Until politicians beef up witness protection programs and offer large rewards for information, there will be more sons and daughters killed — and moms, dads and grandparents, too.

In the meantime, we have had community activist groups blocking intersections and interrupting parades, alleging police racism. But there’s nothing so far to express outrage at the crime against people of all colours, races and ages.

It’s like we have now accepted the killings and take some solace in that it’s not as bad here as it is in Chicago. But when you have more shooting carnage than you have rain, it’s important to take note.

What’s the next headline going to be? Who will be the next innocent victim?

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