Was there a killer at Drake's concert?

TORONTO - Maybe the killer or killers were at Drake’s sold-out concerts where he was joined on stage by Rihanna?


Certainly one person not at Drake’s big homecoming concerts this weekend was Ariela Navarro-Fenoy.

She was killed by a bullet a year ago following a Drake after-party at Muzik nightclub. Her precious life ended right there at age 26.

But life goes on, right? Not for her.

It certainly has for Toronto’s own Aubrey Graham, aka Drake. Since that Aug. 4, 2015 shooting — in which Duvel Hibbert, 23, was also murdered — Drake has had one incredible year.

While Ariela and Duvel are six feet under and their killer or killers are on the loose, superstar Drake is flying higher than any other Torontonian.

Since that despicable early morning carnage, Drake has received a key to the City of Toronto, continued as the Toronto Raptors’ global ambassador, opened up his own nightclub in the Air Canada Centre and chewed up the music charts. He hosted Saturday Night Live and perhaps the biggest achievement of them all — he sold out the ACC, boasting that he “owns” the venue.

He does in a way. He’s on top the world.

One thing Drake so far has not done is assisted Toronto Police investigators with the shooting which saw Hibbert targeted inside the VIP pool area of the club on the CNE grounds and Ariela struck while trying to flee, just north of the Dufferin Gate.

We’ll never know how Drake speaking out against a pervasive “no-snitch culture” would have helped.

He is not required to co-operate with police and certainly has boasted in lyrics that when “police comin’ ’round lookin’ for some help on a case they gotta solve, we never help ’em.”

One year after these disturbing murders, the shootings have not stopped. In fact, there are more of them. And more victims.

And people are still not helping police.

Drake was asked by Crime Stoppers to help out with a message to curb this but he did not respond. It would be nice if he would change his mind. We need help here from our most famous citizen.

While you may quickly forget this August long weekend, Const. Craig Brister won’t.

“It was crazy,” he said of the violent criminal activity.

•Friday night there was a stabbing murder. Suspect still at large.

•Saturday there were shootings at Christie Pits and a nightclub on Kipling. Suspects still at large.

•Two were hit with gunshots at Yonge and Dundas. Suspects still at large.

•Gunshot victim in a car on Dufferin St. Suspects still at large.

•On Sunday, a victim was shot in Little Italy. Suspect still at large.

“Too many,” said Brister, an 18-year veteran of policing. “It’s unacceptable.”

What is equally obscene is how police have received little help from both the victims or witnesses.

“As (Police) Chief (Mark) Saunders has said, we can’t do this alone. In some (of these crimes) there are people who may have cellphone images that could help investigators,” said Brister. “The police are the people and people are the police.”

But when a guy like Drake who has a shooting that killed two at his own party is reluctant to help, it’s easy to see why others may not be as well.

There are advocates who insist it’s somehow the police who are the bad guys. That’s ridiculous.

All of the shootings and stabbings over the weekend were done by lawless thugs who put people’s lives at risk.

People like late Drake fan Ariela Navarro-Fenoy.

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