Weekend violence a sign of what's to come?

Shootings, stabbings and murder have been down so far in 2017.


But not this weekend.

In what would be considered the first hot weekend of what effectively is now summer, one wonders if the very violent stretch we witnessed could be a harbinger of crime to come?

It certainly was a bloody weekend.

It started early Saturday up near the Finchdale Plaza — in the Finch-Islington Aves. area — when a man was shot and wounded. Police say a man came into hospital just before noon on his own following the shooting.

It was the first of two shootings in 31 Division.

The next one — a murder — came not too far away on Ardwick Blvd., just before 2:30 a.m. Sunday. A man was shot to death in the driver’s side of his Honda Civic.

Police have not said if they two are related but they don’t rule anything out in an area where gang violence is not new.

There was also a third shooting down in the Entertainment District at King and John St. A man was taken to hospital with severe wounds but he is expected to survive.

And the fourth major violent call for Toronto Police on the weekend was in the Beaches just south of the former Greenwood Race track.

There were up to four dozen young people, just north of the boardwalk at Lake Shore Blvd., involved in a fight in which several reported being stabbed — one with serious wounds — by a knife-wielding attacker.

A detective tells me the best way to help solve a cases involving violence is for the public to give police a call.

They were working really hard on all this cases this weekend.

In 2017, we are now at 21 homicides, 17 less than the 38 at this time last year.

Of the total last year at this time, 21 murders were by gun. Of this year’s 21 slayings, 17 lives were taken by firearms.

Of note, however, is that while the number of shootings and stabbings may be down this year, the tally of those hurt or killed by guns is exactly the same as 2016 — 61.

There were 165 shooting occurrences by this time in 2016 in compared to 149 this year.

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