Liberate Queen's Park rally and last Late Shift

Did you hear about a big Liberate Queen’s Park rally planned for May 9 to call for rules to allow for politicians to be recalled?

No media coverage so far, say organizers.

“I really don’t understand how we can have over 22,000 members/followers of Hydro One — Enough is Enough online and a large following for Liberate and are still having such a hard time getting any interest from the media?” frustrated Ontarian Nicki McMinn tells me.

She wonders “is there really no point in protesting anymore?

“When we protest in Ontario now, our concerns fall on deaf ears, and our politicians know that there is absolutely nothing we can do about their bad decisions!” McMinn said.

Certainly if it were conservatives like Mike Harris, Stephen Harper or Rob Ford at the helm, the opponents can muster up enough fire and brimstone to be able to get noticed.

“That is precisely why we need recall legislation,” says McMinn. “Politicians need to be accountable and they need to be reminded that they are working for us!”

It happened in California in 2003 when Governor Gray Davis was recalled, opening the doors for the Arnold Schwarzenegger era.

Premier Kathleen Wynne does not looked worried. 

Still, with an election more than two years away one wonders what could be left of this province should the voters have to wait? The list of how bad the Liberals are is staggering but here’s a few: the criminal charges in the Sudbury byelection, the gas plants email scandal, the bizarre sex-ed legislation and the enormous deficit and debt.

Don’t forget the plans for a new expensive pension plan, encouragement to have end-of-life discussions with your parents, upset doctors and nurses and now carbon taxes on gas and cap-and-trade. It’s not hard to see why people like Nicki are helping organize a protest.

But Nicki, who got involved because of her $7,000 hydro bill that threatened her being able to stay in her home upon retirement, is the first to admit, it’s not been an easy demonstration to get going.

“Currently we have only about 250 people committed to go to the rally, with another 630 showing interest,” she said.

You need to get that whole lawn filled to get the liberal media out there. Hopefully this little bit of mainstream media coverage will help Nicki make a horrible government better.

If not, see you at the Liberate Queens Park rally. 


For sure I would have had Nicki on my Late Shift show on Newstalk 1010 but the show came to an end last Tuesday.

Co-host Ross McLean and I signed off after almost four years. It was a great experience and we tried to make it non-politically correct or partisan-controlled radio. I want to thank Boss Mike Bendixen for the chance and my friends, both on air and off, at the old CFRB.

I need to thank my incredible roster list for the final show. Opposition leader Patrick Brown, former councillor Doug Ford, Don Cherry, Kevin O’Leary, Dr. Charles McVety, Julian Fantino, Justin “Shaker” Van Dette, Mayor John Tory and former prime minister Stephen Harper for participating in what was an emotional night. I also want to thank incredible singer-songwriter Jenny James for entertaining us with help from guitar player Geoff Hlipka. Also thanks to board operators Mike Catherwood, Mike Treutler, Justin Ecock, Mark Tang and Patrick O’Neill — all first-class professionals. I loved all my listeners and callers too.

We had fun. If you did not hear our show you can go to my new web page,, where you can leave me an email and read all of my latest columns linked in from

Last but not least, I must thank my pal Ross McLean, a former Toronto Police officer turned media analyst, who is such a voice of reason and example of fairness and integrity. Mostly he’s just a great guy. We may do a show again together but have agreed to take a breather first.


I’m working on a follow on the plight of James Akam — the Afghan interpreter for Canadian troops — who is trying to come to Canada. He fears he could be sent from Germany back to Afghanistan Tuesday. I’m not happy about that but I decided to give immigration officials more time to sort out the mess. I will report an update early next week.


Special congrats to Peel Regional Police Board Member Norma Nicholson who won the prestigious Rose Fortune Award for her life’s work. Fortune was Canada’s first female police officer and Norma’s story is also the stuff of movies. She was abandoned at six-months-old in Jamaica but later made it to Canada. Despite starting in poverty, she ended up working to try to keep young people out of jail by steering them towards a better path. She’s an inspiration. Recently, photographer Dave Thomas and I covered Peel Police Board Chair Amrik Singh Ahluwalia and Chief Jennifer Evans presenting Norma the well-deserved award.

Also hats off to news legends hanging up the microphone Gord Martineau at CITY TV and Dave Agar at Newstalk 1010 — both retiring after four decades of service. Two of the best ever. Sorry bean counters, you can’t replace those guys. Same goes for Ann Rohmer who recently left CP24. They are all Toronto to me.

Enjoy your weekend everybody. Scrawler out.

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